Auto Content with Links

Short URL

Automatic updates generates regular social traffic.

  • Just set your main keyword and assign it to your account and watch the content engines create updates each with a link pointing back to your website.
  • Automate the tedious tasks involved with logging into social profiles.
  • Create and post content with your website link.
  • Search helpers allow you to generate updates and promote with just a few simple clicks.
  • Complete account management and automation increases your efficiency and ROI.
  • Easily manage multiple profiles or client accounts on all 47 networks.
domain-blacklist-contentDomain blacklist blocks content from certain domains. Excellent way to block content with spammy content, invalid HTML, or to exclude content from specific websites.
blacklist-contentBlack list keywords prevent certain content from appearing in your social media posting queue.


find-replaceRegex search replace features using regular expressions to rewrite words, URLs, fix invalid content, replace affiliate IDs, etc.
duplicate-content-removalDuplicate post checking based on keywords, title and/or URL to remove content where that contain multiple duplicate keywords.



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